Prinsengracht 1095


This monument was found in dilapidated condition, after years of being used as a guesthouse. Our clients decided to restore the building from head to toe into a family home. Of the five 17th century houses in a row (a so-called quadruplet) this house was the best preserved. Stairs, stone sink, inside windows, ox-eyes and various carpentry appeared.  The wishes were space, light and air. New windows in the extension,  the vistas, a dormer window and the extensive colors have transformed this house into a winner!


Brief description: restauration of state monument
Address: Prinsengracht 1095, Amsterdam
Principal: private
Contractor: Konst & van Polen Groep B.V.
Custom furniture: Nikolaas Schoo
Year: 2006-2007
Photography: Broersma Makelaardij